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Life Coach Trainer, Author, and
Founder of Global Coaching Institute

Charmin Moore is a Life Coach Trainer and Spiritual Life Strategist for Global Coaching Institute which she is the founder. Through her company she has applied a multifaceted approach that has helped thousands of people learn the art of living their best lives. She also conducts a yearly four-day intensive course for aspiring life coaches who feel that is their life path.

As a Registered Nurse of 25 years Charmin also has a thriving nursing career in which she was promoted to Director of Nursing for Dendreon Pharmaceuticals where she leads a team of prestigious professionals that train physicians and nurses on the only FDA approved Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer in the world. In 2017 she won the prestigious award of Nurse of the year and the same award was bestowed on her in 1998 in the state of Florida.

Today, coaching and training her clients to adopt sustainable life strategies, positions Charmin as a transformational leader in some of the newest and fastest growing professions globally. She believes both immunotherapy and coaching will be primary vehicles in the next decade for personal development and the fight against cancer.

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Contact Charmin Moore at or 404-583-0912

Testimonial - Monica Moody
"Ambassador at Love Works @ Work Sometimes we are blessed to encounter an individual who impacts our lives in such a dramatic way as to literally change its course. Charmin has been one such individual in my life and I know for certain that there are many others who would concur. Charmin served as the Instructor for my life coach training program and she is in a word "phenomenal". She is wise, personable, highly intuitive, supportive, and quite knowledgeable. I'm not sure that it's possible to be in her presence and to leave without being changed in some positive way. Charmin has a tremendous gift for coaching and for leading others towards and to their greatest potential. With a grace and charm that only she can muster, she is truly changing the world one coachee and one trainee at a time. If you have an opportunity to work with Charmin in any capacity, consider yourself privileged. You will walk away from the experience changed."